We rely on the courier companies Speedy and Econt to send your orders, and the following options are possible for the type and price of delivery:

- Free delivery to Speedy or Econt office for orders over BGN 100.

- Free delivery to a personal address with Speedy or Econt for orders over BGN 100.
+ Price of delivery within the country for orders up to BGN 100. Is BGN 5. Sending with Speedy or Econt.

- Price for delivery to Speedy's office or Econt's office for orders up to BGN 100. is BGN 5. (There may be a difference related to the tariffs of the selected company).

- Price for delivery to a specific personal or business address up to is priced at BGN 5./ it is possible that there is a difference according to the tariff of Speedy or Econt and according to the volume and weight of the shipment / for orders up to BGN 100. including

We recommend that in the field for Delivery address when ordering you indicate the office of Speedy or Econt, where it will be convenient for you to pick up your shipment.

Under all conditions for orders up to BGN 100, regardless of the courier you choose, delivery will be calculated based on the current prices of the forwarder and paid to the value of the order of the courier upon delivery.

We charge a delivery price to the amount of your order. It is not charged additionally by the courier company, which is selected by the customer, unless the amount of the order falls within our options for free delivery. It is possible for the delivery to be slightly above the above prices for a larger, heavier and / or shipment with a higher cash on delivery, as the price of the courier service also depends on this.

You can contact us for additional and / or preliminary specification of the price of delivery in more specific cases or delivery outside Bulgaria.